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What is SMO Services?

Social media optimization(SMO) is now in trend when it comes to increasing the awareness and publicity about the products/services offered by a company. Getting noticed among your target audiences seems an easy affair with the help of different social media platforms, including twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc. Like SEO, it really makes a huge difference when it comes to leaving the positive impact on the increased amount of traffic on different widely used search engines over the internet.

Our exclusively offered SMO services are helpful in promoting your company following social media circuits:

How Freshcodes provide SMO services?

It is our endeavor to keep your social media connection informed and updated about your different business events and activities through our following social media service.

  • Social media services
  • Page Creation & Design
  • Creating your corporate building as an entity and updating its relevant information
  • Connecting to various groups, circles etc.
  • Improving your social media reach by increasing Circles, Fans, Connections, Followers, etc.
  • Daily updates and posts in order to keep in touch with connections, customers, friends, etc.

Today, almost 3 in every 4 people use social networks. When you think of social media, you might automatically think of Facebook, and Twitter. However, there is a plethora of social networks out there used by a wide variety of people. Reaching your audience via social media can be crucial to your business. Finding out which social networks your audience is using is key.
When using social media, you want to understand the best ways to reach out to a potential customer or client. Is your target audience using Facebook or are they more active on Twitter? Should you be reaching out via LinkedIn? Maybe you should post your products on Pinterest. There are many decisions to make when it comes to social media, and that’s where we come in.
At FreshCodes, our social media service is designed to help you determine which social network is best for your business and our experts will help you stay in control of your brand message across social media networks. We will customize a social media plan that will best fit your company and help you meet your goals. Our social media experts are here to help, so contact us today.

With words like “blogging,” “tweeting,” and “posting a status” entering our standard dictionary, there is no question that social networking has gained a significant place in our contemporary culture. This is not surprising at all that many businesspersons have been using social media to connect and communicate with their desired customers.

Our social media experts believe that best quality content plays a vital role in enhancing the power of social media marketing. Each social media channel is different and unique in its own way, so if you publish same content on every social media channel, it can be unfavourable for your online achievement.

At Qtonix, our social media writers create unique content for different social media channels and make sure that the content that they are using, attaches upto the value of the brand. The content that we post on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ helps visitors to get an idea about the brand, and about product & services offered. We aim at creating an outstanding reputation of your brand with our content expertise.

With our experienced expert insights, your online business will surely draw huge traffic to your website and induce great sales conversions.


SMO Services

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